Posted: May 8, 2017 

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights recently updated the poster required in Michigan to be posted by employers in conspicuous locations concerning the prohibition of discrimination in the workplace.  The poster now includes language informing employees with disabilities that they must notify the company in writing within 182 days of any requested accommodations in the workplace due to disability.  Under the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, an employer obtains an affirmative defense to any claim raised against it for failure to accommodate if it can demonstrate that it provided notice to employees of the requirement of providing written notice of a request for accommodation within 182 days of the date the employee knew or should have known the accommodation was needed.

The Masud Labor Law Group strongly encourages all of its clients to update its poster.  In addition, we advise that employee handbooks be reviewed to ensure such language exists in the handbook as well.  Please contact any of the attorneys of our firm for further information or guidance in this matter.

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