Prior Planning Prevents Legal Liability: Josh Leadford and Masud Labor Law Group get the Win

Posted: April 30, 2019 

Between frequently changing legislation, state and federal regulatory bodies, and judicial rulings, the intricacies of labor and employment law can result in legal liability for even the best managed businesses.  Coupled with the frequency of employees bringing lawsuits against employers, business owners may find themselves spending more time in the courtroom than the boardroom.  Because of the litigiousness of the workforce, working with skilled labor and employment attorneys prior to an employment dispute can substantially lessen the risk of costly liability.

Recently, Josh Leadford and the Masud Labor Law Group worked diligently for a business owner who saw a conflict with one of his managers looming.  Concerned that the manager was performing outside employment at the expense of the company, the employer worked with Masud Labor Law Group from the beginning to craft a solution that relieved the employer of any potential legal liability. 

Hired in 1997, the manager had been a model employee.  He then started to engage in multiple outside business ventures.  After purchasing a business, the quality of the manager’s work for his employer declined.  Concerned that the manager would take on a second major outside employment commitment, the employer reached out to Josh Leadford and our team at Masud Labor Law Group for counsel.

Knowing that the manager was a litigious individual, Josh Leadford tailored a resolution for the company which included terminating the manager’s employment.  Although the manager eventually did bring a lawsuit after his employment was terminated, Josh Leadford successfully defended the company in court.  After five (5) days of trial, the jury found in favor of the employer and found no legal liability in the case.  Since the employer followed the pre-dispute advice of Masud Labor Law Group, their treatment of the employee was in complete compliance with current employment law, thus resulting in no legal liability.  Amounting to a double victory, the business owner defended by Masud Labor Law Group did not have to pay any legal damages and could terminate the manager whose interests were not aligned with those of the company.

Aware that legal liability for an employment dispute can jeopardize the future of a business, seeking the advice of a labor and employment attorney before making personnel decisions can secure the profitability of a business for the future.  The importance of pre-dispute legal consultation is two-fold:  1) it can help your business achieve the personnel decision it desires, and 2) it can help your business reduce the risk of legal liability.  To protect your business in any employment disputes with managers and executives, please reach out to the team at Masud Labor Law Group. 

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