We strive for and achieve the highest quality in everything we do. Our satisfied clients agree that we succeed in meeting this objective, and our top Martindale-Hubbell® ranking provides independent verification of our excellence and preeminence.

Promptness and reliability

We pride ourselves on our promptness and reliability. In issues of labor and employment law, supervisors and HR professionals need immediate assistance in order to handle matters before they fester. We team up with you—advocating your cause, answering your questions, and fulfilling your requests— all in a timely and effective manner. You never have to wonder if we are doing our job, because we keep our promises and meet your deadlines. Legal demands wait for no one, and neither should you.


We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity in all that we do for you. To us, integrity means never losing sight of your interests because we make your goals our goals. It also means recognizing your dignity, and that of everyone else we deal with. Finally, integrity means holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, no matter how heated issues may become.


In times of downsizing and budget cuts, we help you make the most efficient use of your resources by providing you with significant value. Our rates are considerably lower than similarly specialized firms in the state’s larger metropolitan centers. We put emphasis on helping you avoid problems as well as the unnecessary costs and litigation that go along with them. When litigation can’t be avoided, you will continue to receive further value: the value of winning.

Specialized expertise

We have a very high degree of specialized expertise. Our specialized expertise better prepares us to deal with your unique challenges. No issue in labor and employment law is too extensive or complex for our attorneys. Our specialization means that we know what works and what doesn’t work. We will only give you the best, most practical advice, and we will do so in the most cost-effective manner.

Aggressive representation

We support you with aggressive representation in negotiations, arbitration and litigation, adopting a tough approach, fighting for your cause, and championing your interests to win. Our aggressive approach is based on our confidence; our confidence comes from the results we’ve achieved; the results we've achieved are based on a long history of success.

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When we faced the threat of closing our doors due to theft of trade secrets and unfair competition by a former employee, we reached out to Masud Labor Law Group. Their stunning victory in court crushed the opposition. Through their prompt and aggressive litigation strategy, Masud Labor Law Group saved our family business. – Darrell Komar President Alma Bolt Company

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