Why You Need a Specialist

You need a specialist because the laws, rules, and regulations concerning labor and employment law are constantly expanding and becoming more intricate. What might seem like a minor mistake can sometimes result in enormous liability for a company. You need the advice and counsel of specialists in the area. When it comes to managing these complex and intricate laws, we have found that the key to success is simple - be prepared. As the only mid-Michigan law firm operating outside the major metropolitan areas of Michigan, we have dedicated ourselves to serving employers exclusively in matters of labor and employment law. Our assistance is provided to not only managers and human resources personnel, but also to in-house and outside counsel.  As specialists we can:

  • Provide practical and useful advice that you can use to make decisions and manage your business
  • Ensure that your organization’s HR systems, objectives and strategies are in compliance with the complex maze of labor and employment laws
  • Establish the optimum policies and procedures that will maximize your organization’s performance, improve its potential, and preserve management options
  • Protect your organization from, and defend it against, unions and claims under federal and state employment laws and regulations
  • Our specialized experts will help you stay on track, succeed in union negotiations and arbitration, and stay out of court. And if litigation can’t be avoided, we’ll defend you aggressively, with the kind of authority that only our experience can bring.

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As a large mid-Michigan merit shop construction firm, we have had a regular need for state-wide representation dealing with the wide range of union related matters that we have confronted. I can say without reserve that the Masud Labor Law Group has the most knowledgeable staff of any law firm we have dealt with at any time. With their help, we have been successful in operating our company in geographic areas where other merit shop contractors have not dared to work. – Brian Stadler President and CEO Wolgast Corporation

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