Billing Policy

Legal Fees

Masud Labor Law Group (“MLLG”) utilizes a blended hourly rate based on a team approach to determine client fees.  This means that the firm charges one standard hourly rate for all legal services, regardless of who from our legal staff performs the services.  Each attorney handling your case keeps accurate accounts of his/her time, to the tenth of an hour.  This includes time spent in negotiations, conferences, conducting legal research, strategizing, document preparation, travel, communication, and other tasks related to handling your case.

The firm’s hourly rates are reviewed annually, at the beginning of each calendar year.  Any changes to the firm’s hourly rate will not take effect until after written notice has been provided to the client.  There may, however, be instances where MLLG will agree to provide legal services based on a fixed, predetermined rate for a specific matter depending on the unique needs of a client.


Our firm’s practice is to charge clients for expenses directly related to the legal services we provide.  However, MLLG is committed to keeping client expenses low and makes every attempt to incur only those costs necessary to the legal service.  Examples include depositions costs, arbitrator fees, court costs, travel expenses and mileage, legal research, mailing, and larger photocopying projects.  MLLG does not charge clients for facsimiles, small photocopy projects, or postage.  For substantial expenses, such as arbitrator fees and deposition costs, MLLG may require a client to pay the third party directly for all costs incurred.

Our attorneys regularly travel throughout the U.S. on behalf of our clients.  While airfare, lodging and other expenses related to such travel are reimbursable client expenditures, we have entered into fixed fee arrangements with clients to minimize the fees associated with “windshield” time.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

MLLG invoices clients on a monthly basis.  Each MLLG invoice clearly identifies the total time spent by the firm’s legal staff handling your legal matter for the prior month.  Each MLLG invoice also itemizes all expenses incurred by the firm in handling your matter during the prior month.

MLLG expects all clients to pay their invoices in full within 30 calendar days of the date of the invoice.  MLLG retains the discretion to charge clients interest at the rate of 5% per annum on any outstanding balance of 60 days or more until the balance is paid in full.


Our firm requires that all new clients pay an agreed upon retainer prior to the commencement of legal services.  We also reserve the right to require current and/or former clients to pay an agreed upon retainer depending on the specific legal services required.

A client’s retainer will be applied toward the client’s unpaid invoice at the time the invoice is generated.  Once the initial retainer is depleted, MLLG reserves the right to request an additional retainer.  At the conclusion of the firm’s legal representation of the client, any retainer balance will be returned to the client.


Before undertaking a legal matter, MLLG requires clients to sign a legal representation agreement which explains the specific agreements reached between the firm and the client.  Although MLLG fully informs its clients of the applicable billing/fee arrangement before legal services are commenced, the firm understands that from time to time clients might have a question or concern regarding their invoices.  MLLG encourages clients to review their invoices and to contact the firm with any questions which they might have.  Prompt communication can often prevent any serious misunderstandings from occurring.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our legal fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Revised 7/3/12